Shelley Gianino
Relationship: Client
Project Date: August 2017
Project Price: $1,000 - $9,999
Arlene has been most helpful with planning & executing a plan for our family room. She is easy to work with & has great taste. I am very happy with the final product & it didn't break the bank. The quality is very good with reasonable prices!

Susan Bird
Relationship: Client
Project Date: April 2017
Project Price: $10,000 - $49,999
Arlene worked with many of the things I already owned, blending in new pieces to create a room I was more than pleased with. She made suggestions that fit my own style & preferences, guiding me as I journeyed through our renovation. Without her help, I'm sure the results would not be as polished or complete. The value she brought to the project cannot be undersold!

Carol Miller
Relationship: Client
Project Date: July 2017
Project Price: more than $100,000
I have worked with Arlene on 2 renovations and now a new house. I find her easy to work with, to the point and respectful of my ideas and very open with her suggestions. I have never regretted following her direction. My husband said:" I think it's time to call Arlene". Now that's saying something!

Jean Greenough
Relationship: Client
Project Date: May 2017
Project Price: $10,000 - $49,999
We have had many decorators that we have worked with. What I like about you is that you understand that we have 3 homes and you try to work with what we have. All 3 of our homes are different. Dallas has Tuscany bones, here it is a mixture of traditional and modern and Florida has always been very colourful. We live our lives going from one home to the next to be with friends and family. Because each of our homes are different, we feel like we are one vacation all the time. The difference is that these vacation homes have memories and that is what I like about you. You do not discard everything, you still make memories work and because it is a vacation home you do not go over the top.